COMING SOON: No waitlists here. We're going big with a pre-launch game. Lots of limited releases and other prizes.
COMING SOON: no waitlists here, we're going big with a game version of our app. Prizes are limited releases worth the cop.

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“You have to download this app, it helps make your shopping experience a lot easier, it helps you earn and benefit from your shopping. It is going to literally change the way you shop.”
“You're able to find items that your friends recommend, so you don't have to try things out for yourself. But you can also recommend things so that other people can buy, because you already do this in real life. So it's a way of making money as well as consolidating all of your recommendations on one platform.”
“You get paid for being a mini-influencer. You don't have to have a big social media presence. You just have to just do what you're going to do. I would mostly describe it as probably one of the newest apps in technology ever that probably millennials would ever see in today's history.”
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all hail the discount queens

Not to toot your own horn, but let’s just say you have ‘a particular set of skills’. Superman had flight. Batman had gadgets. Spiderman had... spiderwebs? And you ———— you can sniff out a great new product and deal from a mile away.

VOLO is an
addictively thrilling social shopping app developed just for you ———— the kings and queens of cash back. Not only does it give you discounts on friend-recommended products, VOLO also lets you earn up to 100% of the purchase price back in referral rebates when people you know buy products they found through your recommendations.

Everybody’s got their own unique talents they should be celebrated for.
Take a bow, shawty. This one’s for you.

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Everything you do online is making someone money.

Isn’t it time you got in on the action?

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