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now let the world beat a path to your store.

A new way to grow sales through organic word of mouth is finally here, and it works.

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Reach More Customers Online.

Everyone is connected. Your current customers are talking to your future customers and it's never been easier to share. Tap into these connections to tell the world about your product.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs.

The longer you buy shoppers from Facebook or Google, the more expensive they will keep getting. Get back valuable time and other resources to focus on your customer and product.

Personal Data
Stays Personal.

Can you tell we're not fans of Big Ad platforms? We respect people's privacy. Our technology doesn't collect or store customer data. No databases, no data breaches, no problems.

setting up VOLO in your Shopify store takes minutes

VOLO is designed to level the playing field and maximize participation


It's $45 to launch the promotion. After 30 days, we charge 1.5% fee every 30 days on the remaining sum in the escrowed promotion budget.

set the rules

You decide what products to promote. You set the cashback percentages that get paid out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd+ degree referrers.

set the budget

No minimums. Start small. Escrow the cashback budget in a smart contract. Top it off as needed for $30. The promotion stops when budget runs out.


Customers know how much budget is still available (and get notified about top offs), as well as the reward tiers set in the rules.

Return On Investment

With VOLO merchants can get a return five times higher or more than that of advertising. Get up to 10 more customers for every one you get with ads.

E-Commerce Integration

For merchants, VOLO is a Shopify App. We took extra care to make sure it's easy to set up and would integrate well with your store's design and theme.

performance monitoring

Use our dashboard to see how well the promotion is running, the referral 'tree', and which customers are most active in bringing you business.

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the power of the people

With VOLO, see returns of up to ten times higher than your traditional marketing spend.
But don’t take it from us
———— see what merchants are saying about using our platform.

"We did some PR which was disappointing. Once in a while I'd run some Instagram ads... but overall I'd say we don't pay for advertising — full stop! It just doesn't work for what we are trying to do. With VOLO we can break the rules, do things our own way — there's no brand dilution, and it's empowering to know your brand's word-of-mouth."
Zulfi S.
"I worked in marketing before launching my own business. Building up a digital presence from scratch takes time and money, digital ad spend is killer... I've tried a few loyalty/referral solutions for Shopify, nothing really works, there's too much friction. VOLO has solved the customer experience problem, and it's exciting to watch the promotions catch on."
Cheryl M.

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