how it works.

Merchants select what products to promote, lock money in a cashbox, and throw away the key.

After you buy the promoted item, it automagically shows up in your VOLO app ready for referring.

Every time someone buys, you get instantly paid back part of your purchase from the cashbox.

When the person you referred refers someone else, you get paid again and a reward cascade starts. You get rewarded for every purchase in your cascade.

Everyone will keep getting paid until they either get 100% cashback or the cash in the cashbox runs out.


How do I find deals?

There are a few ways. First your friends already on VOLO will show you, that's the best since they'll get hooked up too. Next, check the DISCOVER section of your app for a feed of all active and trending promotions. And of course keep an eye out for our logo when you visit a store, and if you don't see us there — let us know!

How does the whole getting paid thing work?

Our cashback is instant, as soon as there's a sale we're sending you money. Cash-outs can be done through Venmo, Paypal or bank deposit (ACH). We will automatically transfer the balance over on the 1st of every month for FREE. Or you can pay a small fee if you don't want to wait.

What is community shopping?

Think back in the day, when there was no internet and people lived in small communities. All you had was word of mouth. You'd open up a store and the first customers would go and tell their friends and family. And you'd say "Jack, let them know about my hat shop and I'll hook them up and you up". So people will come saying "Jack sent me". So we're bringing that back to the internet age.

How does VOLO make money?

We charge merchants a fee to launch a promotion and a monthly fee on the amount of money remaining in the cashbox. We're basically taking the money they're spending on ads and redirecting into the pockets of their customers, and we take a cut that depends on a lot of things but ends up being around five to 10 percent of their budget.

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